ELEGANT Project Events

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Activities of Liaison Officers
Till May 2021

Partner Universities in Jordan and Lebanon

Activities and achievements of Liaison Officers at PSUT, JUST, ABAU, MUBS and BAU covering the period till May 2021.


MUBS Hosts a Seminar on Digital Job Capacity of the Future

MUBS, Lebanon, 11/05/2021

Technological advancements, the pandemic, and recent changes that impacted the job market have resulted in major shifts in the ecosystem of information technology and computer science fields. To highlight these changes, and explore the emerging trends in the field, MUBS hosted on May 11, 2021 Mr. Samih Ajrouch, “Future Ready Skills Manager” at Microsoft Education as part of the Elegant Erasmus+ Project activities.


Two New ICT Labs Established


MUBS, Lebanon, April, 2021

Within the framework of the Elegant Erasmus+ project, two new ICT labs were established at MUBS School of Computer and Applied Sciences in April 2021.

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Webinar – Modern Cybersecurity: Educational and Technical Perspectives

BAU, Lebanon, 25/11/2020

BAU organized an event on on modern cybersecurity from the educational and technical perspectives on November 25, 2020. The event comprised three main tracks, namely, cybersecurity in higher education, cybersecurity in research, and cybersecurity in industry.


Virtual Lectures: Experts from industry speak to students at JUST

JUST, Jordan, 16-20/11/2020

University of Science and Technology (JUST) organised a number of events for experts from the industry and commerce to give lectures and run workshops on the latest developments in a number of ICT areas and the implications for University students. Due to the Corona Virus restrictions, The events were held on line.


Webinar – Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

MUBS, Lebanon, 11/11/2020

MUBS organised a webinar entitled "Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" on November 11, 2020. The event featured speakers from Europe and the MENA region.


Launch of Enterprise Survey

MUBS, Lebanon, 8/10/2020

The Enterprise Survey (activity 1.5 of the Project), aimed at identifying the knowledge and skill gaps of ICT graduates, was launched in Lebanon on 8 October 2020.

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Curriculum Development Workshop

Staffordshire University, United Kingdom, 05/10/2020

The first Curriculum Development workshop of the ELEGANT Project on the topic of Smart Systems Design took place at Staffordshire University on 5 October 2020. Dr. Abdel Hamid, Associate Professor of Signal Processing and Telecommunication at Staffordshire University conducted this Workshop. Twenty colleagues from partner universities attended the Workshop.

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Training Session for Liaison Officers

University of Dubrovnik - Croatia 30/09/2020

UNIDU organised a Training Workshop for the Liaison Officers of the ELEGANT project highlighting and elaborating two aspects of LO’s activities: the organisation of University-Enterprise Cooperation Network and developing a programme of activities around Enterprise-Oriented Education.


Zoom Webinar at MUBS

MUBS - Beirut, Lebanon 23/09/2020

As part of the ELEGANT project activities, Modern University for Business and Science organized a Zoom webinar about Enhancing IT Graduates Employability through Skills Development & Curricular Innovation


Monitoring Visit - Jordan

PSUT- Amman, Jordan 26/08/2020

The National Erasmus+ Office in Jordan organised a virtual Monitoring Meeting to assess the progress of the ELEGANT project. Princess Sumaya University for Technology formally hosted the virtual meeting.

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Virtual Induction Meeting for Liaison Officers

University of Dubrovnik - Croatia 06/07/2020

A Virtual Induction Meeting was held on 6 July 2020 to discuss the role of the Elegant Liaison Officers in the project and their responsibilities.

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Virtual Management Meetings

May to June 20

The Project Management Team has arranged a number of Virtual Meetings with different groups of partners in order to discuss the situation and provide alternative mechanism for different Work Packages of the Project

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Appointment of Liaison Officers

April and May 2020

Five colleagues were appointed as the Liaison Officer of the ELEGANT Project at partner universities


Organizational Meeting at ABAU

ABAU - Salt, Jordan 13/02/2020

Organisational meeting with EU partner Universities Hosted by Al-Balqa` Applied University


Organizational Meeting at JUST

JUST - Irbid, Jordan 12/02/2020

Organisational meeting with EU partner Universities Hosted by Jordan University of Science and Technology


Seminar on University-Industry Links

PSUT - Amman, Jordan 11/02/2020

Seminar on University-Industry Links: The Experience of EU Universities and Lessons for Partner Country Universities


Kick-off Meeting

Dead Sea, Jordan 09-10/02/2020

ELEGANT Was officially launched at the kick off meeting on 9 – 10 February 2020 at the Hilton Dead Sea Resort, Jordan, organized by Princess Sumaya University for Technology.