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Big Data Workshop at Psicoglobal

Psicoglobal - Portugal, 16-20 May 2022

Elegant consortium is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the "Big Data" workshop which took place from 16-20 May, 2022 in Portugal.


This workshop, organized by Psicoglobal, one of project partners from EU, brought together seven dedicated participants. The workshop marked a significant milestone in our collective pursuit of enhancing teaching competences for the purpose of higher graduate employability. Over the course of five days, participants engaged in rigorous discussions, practical exercises, and collaborative curriculum development, with a specific focus on integrating Big Data concepts into education.


We are exceptionally proud of the progress achieved during this event and anticipate its enduring impact on participants and their home institutions. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue our mission to redefine the future of learning and work.

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