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ELEGANT Final Conference

Jordan : 19-20 September 2023

PSUT Final Conference.png

The Final Project Conference was held on 19-20 September 2023 in Dead Sea Resort, Jordan. The Conference was the culmination of four years of cooperation between the EU partner institutions and the Jordanian and Lebanese institutions. The theme of the Conference was summing up the experience of the ELEGANT project and highlighting its impact on the Jordanian, Lebanese and the EU institutions. The Conference also an opportunity for partners to discuss the development of their future relations and the potential for joint agreements and projects in the future.


The participants delved into the unique experiences of each university and how the project has influenced them. Additionally, the Conference showcased the achievements of the cooperation between partner institutions. One of the highlights of Conference was the presentation of the best student project competition in five partner universities in Jordan and Lebanon. It was generally agreed that the quality of these projects was exceptional and on a level comparable with the best student projects in EU partner universities. Details can be found on a separate tab in the Deliverable section of the ELEGANT website.

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