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ELEGANT Work-Packages & Deliverables

Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Graduate Employability through University-Enterprise Cooperation


WP1: Preparation

  • 1.1 Study visits from PCs to EU universities to learn about university-enterprise cooperation in EU universities, including senior staff of PC institutions

  • 1.2 Liaison Offices established and Liaison Officers appointed to promote the cooperation between the universities and companies

  • 1.3 Liaison Officers’ visit EU partners to learn about their experience

  • 1.4 Liaison Officers develop a programme of activities and set up a network of companies to cooperate with and sign MOUs with

  • 1.5 Arrange Enterprise Surveys to identify skill gap

WP2: Implementation of new forms of industry-oriented education

  • 2.1 Workshop on University-Enterprise Links in JO and LB by EU partners

  • 2.2 Organizing regular Workshops for students, staff and enterprise employees

  • 2.3 Company staff to give lectures at universities

  • 2.4 Preparing database of student’s industry-oriented projects

  • 2.5 Finding placements for students

  • 2.6 Developing the framework and platform software for virtual internship

  • 2.7 Training mentors from industry at universities

  • 2.8 Competition to identify the “best student project" and the “best mentor”

WP3: Improving the human capacities of University staff and revise/upgrade the ICT Curricula in partner universities

  • 3.1 Developing the capacity of staff by study visits to EU universities

  • 3.2 Revising the curricula of ICT programmes with the support of EU colleagues

  • 3.3 Involving ICT companies in curriculum development

  • 3.4 EU teaching staff to participate in revising the curricula and teaching

  • 3.5 Purchasing appropriate equipment for partner universities

WP4: Quality Control


  • 4.1 Preparation of a Quality Plan for the project

  • 4.2 Monitoring visits by the Coordinator and the Project’s QA leader to partners Universities

  • 4.3 Evaluation of project results by an experienced external evaluator

WP5: Sustainability

& Dissemination

  • 5.1 The launch and maintenance of Project website and social media accounts

  • 5.2 Publications and development of dissemination materials (posters, leaflets, Newsletters, etc.)

  • 5.3 Media dissemination

  • 5.4 National Exploitation seminars

  • 5.5 Final conferences in Lebanon and Jordan

WP6: Management of the project

  • 6.1 Kick-off Meeting

  • 6.2 Establishment and running of Steering, Management and Scientific Committees

  • 6.3 Attending the representative meeting in Brussels

  • 6.4 Annual Planning and Monitoring meetings

  • 6.5 Academic, financial and administrative management of the project

  • 6.6 Project Reports (Intermediate and Final Report)

  • 6.7 External Audit of the project.

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