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ELEGANT: ICT Labs established at Partner Universities in Jordan and Lebanon 


Within the framework of the Elegant Erasmus+ project, new ICT labs were established at the five partner universities in Jordan and Lebanon. The ICT labs are co-funded by the ELEGANT Erasmus+ Project as part of the WP3 “Improving the human capacities of University staff and revise/upgrade the ICT Curricula in partner universities” activities. There are 9 new labs established in partner country universities: 5 in Jordan and 4 in Lebanon.

They are equipped with the following equipment


MUBS and BAU, each have:

  • 45 Optiplex 5080  tower XCTO computers

  • 1 HP Colour PRO MFP

  • 1 PowerEdge R440 Server

  • 1 Viewsonic Pro851 OLDLP

  • 2 HP Laptops



  • 20 Optiplex 5090 computers

  • 2 PowerEdge R740 servers

  • Academic Malware Workstation, kits and software




  • Industrial IOT lab, 10 seat license with kits and software;

  • Robotics equipment and kits



  • 20 Optiplex 5090 computers

  • Robotics equipment and kits

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