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Training Session for Liaison Officers

Virtual event organised by UNIDU, 30 September 2020

On September 30, the University of Dubrovnik organised a Training Workshop for the Liaison Officers of the ELEGANT project. The project had envisaged that the training will take place at two of the EU partner universities (Staffordshire University and University of Dubrovnik). But given the restrictions on international travel, it was decided that a series of Workshops will replace the visit to the host universities. Further training will also be provided either on line or face to face depending on the progress of the pandemic and the easing of international travel. 7 participants attended the event.


Professor Iraj Hashi conducted the Training Workshop, highlighting and elaborating two aspects of LO’s activities: the organisation of University-Enterprise Cooperation Network and developing a programme of activities around Enterprise-Oriented Education. The first aspect includes identifying potential partner enterprises and signing MOUs with them which formalises the relationship with partners and includes features such as internships for students, company staff to offer lectures and seminars to University students, students completing their final year projects in companies being mentored by company employees and applied research undertaken jointly by university staff and company employees. The second aspect involves Workshop highlighted details of these two areas of activities. Enterprise Oriented Education involves the organisation of a range of seminars for both staff and students to develop the concept of Enterprise-Oriented Education which aims at enabling university graduates to have a better understanding of the world of work and acquire technical and other skills which improve their employablility.


After the presentation by Professor Hashi, the Liaison Officers presented the work undertaken by the Liaison Office of each partner university. The presentations by participants are available at the link below.

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