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MUBS Hosts a Webinar on "Building a Cybersecurity Ecosystem"

Beirut - Lebanon, 14 March 2022

Within the framework of the ELEGANT Erasmus+ project activities, MUBS hosted on March 14, 2022 Mr. Roland Abi Najem, Founder & CEO at Revotips (Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation Consultancy) .

Coordinated by the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia), Elegant (which stands for Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Graduate Employability through University-Enterprise Cooperation) aims at enhancing university enterprise cooperation in Jordan and Lebanon in order to improve the teaching and learning experience of students and enhance the employability of graduates. 


51 faculty, staff, students, and alumni from MUBS Computer Science department attended the event. After an overview about the ELEGANT project presented by Professor Bassem Kaissi, Mr. Abi Najem highlighted the diverse participants, processes, and cyber devices that interact for multiple purposes in the cyber ecosystem.


Topics discussed included the economic, psychological and human challenges associated with the cyberspace, the zero trust security model, the importance of awareness to become cybersecurity compliant, the future of work after COVID-19, and building a cybersecurity ecosystem.  The webinar was moderated by Dr. Nabil Abdoun (Assistant Professor – M.U.B.S Computer Science Department).

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