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MUBS Hosts a Webinar on “Best Practices for Computer Science Internship Programs”

Beirut - Lebanon, 21/03/2022

Within the framework of the ELEGANT Erasmus+ project activities, MUBS Office of International Affairs in collaboration with MUBS Computer Science Department organized on March 21, 2022 a webinar about “Best Practices for Computer Science Internship Programs”. 

Coordinated by the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia), Elegant (which stands for Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Graduate Employability through University-Enterprise Cooperation) aims at enhancing university enterprise cooperation in Jordan and Lebanon in order to improve the teaching and learning experience of students and enhance the employability of graduates.


The event started with a welcome speech by Dr. Khaleel Mershad (Chairperson – Computer Science Department). Professor Bassem Kaissi (Vice President for International Affairs at MUBS) then explained the main objectives of the ELEGANT Erasmus+ project and focused on the progress achieved so far at MUBS.


The webinar speakers included Ms. Nour Assaf (Murex), Ms. Rania Makhlouf (New Horizons), Mr. Rabih Baalbaki (Lebanese Association for IT Professionals), Mr. Rami Zarif (Ciment De Sibline), and Mr. Ihab Nasr (Khattar Group).

Ms. Assaf described and discussed the general internship requirements for computer science students. In addition, she illustrated via examples the correct method to select an internship according to the student's focus and interests. Finally, she presented several important practices for computer science internships, such as creating the correct resume, identifying and working on the interview requirements, and communication with co-workers. 

Ms. Rana started her talk by discussing the recent trends for computer science jobs. She focused on describing the importance of acquiring strong communication skills and using them during the internship. She described the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in internships. Finally, she described the main skills required for computer science internships, such as teamwork, time management, problem solving, work ethics, flexibility, and leadership. 

Mr. Rabih started by focusing on the importance of digital transformation careers. He illustrated the process of building digital capacity by combining knowledge, skills, goals, pedagogy, research, and creativity. He discussed how the 4th industrial revolution created many opportunities for computer science students and graduates. 

Mr. Zarif presented important advices that computer science students should apply, such as identifying their internship goals, creating a plan for their training, being proactive, and making themselves an added value during the internship. He also discussed the role of the university in the internship, and the contemporary market trends for computer science students. 

The webinar was attended by 91 participants representing IT enterprises, MUBS faculty members, staff, alumni, and students. The webinar was moderated by Dr. Nabil Abdoun (Assistant Professor – Computer Science Department) and Mrs. Hikmat Daou (MUBS Liaison Officer).

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