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Curriculum development workshop on entrepreneurship at University of Dubrovnik

University of Dubrovnik - Croatia, 19-23 September 2022

The "Curriculum Development Workshop on Entrepreneurship" was successfully concluded at the University of Dubrovnik in Croatia, the coordinating institutions of the Elegant project.


This workshop, an essential part of the Elegant project, reflects our steadfast commitment to enhancing graduate employability through effective collaboration between academia and industry. With nine enthusiastic participants the workshop provided a platform for refining the skills necessary for developing, modernizing, and delivering entrepreneurship-focused courses. Through intensive sessions and collaborative efforts, participants explored the intricacies of curriculum design and innovative teaching methods.

Participants were introduced to topics such as defining learning outcomes, best teaching practices and resources but also had the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences of teaching entrepreneurship. With this workshop Elegant consortium continues its agenda of curriculum development workshops for teaching staff of HEIs from Jordan and Lebanon.

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