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Curricula Development

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The Master's program in Cybersecurity (until now Masters in Information Systems Security and Cyber Crimes) at Princess Sumaya University for Technology was substantially revised its curriculum part of the ELEGANT project. 


Three programs were revised as part of the ELEGANT project activities at the Faculty of Computer & Information Technology. Those programs are:


The curriculum improvements made as part of the ELEGANT project at ABAU represent a proactive response to industry advancements in AI, CS, and Big Data. The integration of practical experiences, alignment with professional certifications, and collaboration with industry experts ensure that ABAU's programs remain at the forefront of preparing students for the dynamic demands of the workforce. A total of eight courses were revised and enhanced.


MUBS Computer Science Department updated its curriculum for the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science program with the support of the ELEGANT European partners. Four new courses were created related to Cybersecurity, Data Science and AI, Cloud Computing and Big Data and Sustainable employability skills. Six existing courses were revised and enhanced.


As part of the ELEGANT curriculum development Activities, BAU revised and improved two programs: the Computer Engineering Program in the Department of Computer Engineering and the Computer Science Program in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

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