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Advanced topics in AI, Cybersecurity and Big Data workshop

Ancona - Italy, 06-10 February 2023

The workshop "Advanced Topics in AI, Cybersecurity, and Big Data" was hosted by the Universita Politechnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy from 6-10 February 2023. This workshop exemplifies our steadfast commitment to advancing academic programs and enriching graduate employability through dynamic university-industry collaboration.

With a twelve dedicated participants this workshop with its three sub-groups provided a fertile ground for honing the skills essential for the development, modernization, and effective delivery of courses encompassing AI, cybersecurity, and big data.

Over the course of these five engaging days, participants delved into intensive sessions on issues at the frontiers of knowledge and research in the three areas, engaged in collaborative discussions, and immersed themselves in practical exercises. They were shared with best practices, teaching techniques and resources that can be used in classrooms at their home institutions. In this way, additional step was made towards the modernization and revision of courses in higher education institutions from Jordan and Lebanon with the aim of increasing graduate

Workshop on Big Data :

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence :

Workshop on Cybersecurity and data protection :

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